Thursday, September 8, 2011


I am reminded again and again of the magic of a simple life, a life with space in it for creative juices to bubble up and entertain us with no more than a gnome, some dried grass, flower petals, moss and leaves. I began this nest project with Jed and his dear wee friend Ava Bean. Kicking around in the garden waiting for lunch, we wove the dried grasses into a nesty sort of a shape and talked about what else might be nice for inside a nest. A gnome was produced (and no, it wasn't at my house, but okay the gnome might have immigrated from there) and the children went off into the garden coming back with their additions to the nest lining. Loveliness.

So, it turned out i have horribly underestimated what i could get done this week. That's okay, there are weeks (months?!) like that. There has been alot of just hanging with friends in the sun.(I feel like i need to put this sentence into context...this working from home mama doesn't do 'hanging out' that very much usually) Jed and his friends have been swimming every chance they could. Very spring like behaviour!

And you know, the lists of things i want to do will still be there next week. We're off to frolic with friends, family and find a bit of snow up the mountain. See you mid week for the last Creative Mama Series post.

I'm leaving the giveaway for Simonne's Giveaway for her Creative Mama post- the Lets Go Retro voucher- open until then. Click HERE to go to her post. We posted the giveaway after the actual blog post went up and i think the Auckland local crew missed it...rark it up people and we'll draw it next week. Have a great weekend, i plan to!

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  1. What a gorgeous little nest. I can imagine snuggling up inside it.