Thursday, September 29, 2011

seven days of blogging 2/7- big ups

A big ups to all the Creative Mama's who participated in The Creative Mama Series. Thank you so much for letting us peek into your worlds and for sharing your stories with us. I laughed, i nodded in understanding and my eyes popped out in wonder at times too. I feel humbled and inspired to be part of your crafty mama community. I had so much great feedback (mostly by email, many of you are shy of leaving comments it seems!) and got so much out of reading the posts myself. I am stronger in letting the 'lists of things to do' lapse while i do a bit of much needed sewing therapy or mama-time in the crafting zone. That is a gift, thank you for that. All the links to each mama's post remain up on the side bar.
And for those mama's who were going to write a Creative Mama post and got snowed under and couldn't do it...i salute you for putting yourselves and your families first. No hard feelings here, just understanding.

On a totally unrelated topic....another big ups to Emma Heke, who is the creator of the Ours DVD. Now, we are not big screen people. We don't watch TV so small one doesnt have that modelled. Just quietly, he has NO idea there is kids stuff on TV. Ahem.

Jed hadn't watched anything until he was 2 1/2 or something, but now, on a very occasional occasion, we'll watch a DVD. I was in a shop yesterday and for the first time took a look at what was available for children. Alot. I was kinda shocked. Not much of it i want in my house. But this DVD...'Ours', its a keeper. It runs through the alphabet with nature words, images and footage. Much of it is specific to NZ native wildlife. It runs at a slower pace than many films and features stuff children are truly interested in. If children are watching DVD's, i reckon this is the sort of thing we need more of. Emma has come up with another one called Our Creative Children, all about doing kid centred art inspired directly from nature. It's full of ideas and walks you through the creating process. So, all you folks who email me saying they are not the creative type but want to do art with their kids or anyone looking for good presents for small people...go HERE to the Ours DVD website. You can see clips of the DVD's HERE.
Go Emma, i say!

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  1. Thanks Anissa for celebrating creative mama's, it was an honour to be part of it. Jxxxx