Friday, September 30, 2011

seven days of blogging 3/7 - waylaid

I have been temporarily waylaid by a nasty 24 hour bug thats been making it's way through the community. Ick. I'll save you from the gruesome details! I would've made considerably less sense than usual if i had of tried to post last night. We're back on track for our seven days of blogging now. Phew.

I'll leave you with a little gem Jed and i picked up on one of our op shopping expeditions...a mini fugeball. In great condition, it is fantastic for the small motor skills and can be played happily alone or with mama. It's pretty fun. My goalie has a habit of levitating on his head while Jed scores a goal if i am not careful.

Has anyone else noticed that i am always on the look-out for projects the wee fella can do by himself? Desperate efforts to extend mama's work time - since we got back from our roadtrip and small one was sick he somehow forgot how to amuse himself for three hours on end while i work. I treasure that time, when i am absorbed in my stuff and Jed is either working alongside me or has some incredible project of his own going on. At my insistence, it's coming back. Thank the heavens!

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