Wednesday, September 28, 2011

seven days of blogging - fun 'n' games

So, every now and then i have a backlog of posts tumbling around in my head and for some reason they're not making it to you. Then i declare a 'seven days of blogging' bonanza...where i commit to blogging for seven days in a row. This is usually a fairly spontaneous decision with no thought to what my life looks like in the next 7 days and whether it's a good time to be doing more blogging. Yup. Here we gooooo...... I very nearly bought a game of tiddlywinks new recently but balked at the price. I said i would make one. Before i got around to it i found a vintage orginal one at the op shop. Hoorah! Great fun is often simple fun. It took the small one all of a few minutes to get the hang of it. Equally fun to play alone which is a bonus for the working from home mama.

These beautiful puzzles came from Lets Go Retro. I was dropping off some new GrowMama stock for Simonne when i spotted these beauties. I had been looking for some wooden puzzles like this. Each of these puzzles has different solutions and can make different striking patterns. I like that there isn't just one 'right' way. Life is a bit like that. I find the usual jigsaws the kids will do a few times and that's it. So hard to find good ones that aren't just advertising some TV show or movie too. But these puzzles are ones that keep their interest and they feel so good to tinker around with. Yup, mama's been at it too.

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