Monday, September 26, 2011

sewing for the boy

Night before we left on a big road trip to the snow and beyond...what was i up late doing? Well, packing, but also...sewing. Jed refuses to wear jeans. He likes them, they come out for dress-ups but last about 5 minutes before being tossed to one side and proclaimed 'too uncomfortable'. So. I made him a pair of black stretch denim wideleg jeans with vintage barkcloth pockets. Super comfy and he can wear them as 3/4 pants next season. I design all my kids clothes so the small ones can get more than one season out of them.

This merino hoodie is a firm favourite at the moment. Not sure why it took me until spring to remember the pile of merino off cuts i had lurking in my stash but no matter...this hoodie was done in time for the snow. Perfect. The hood lining is made from a merino blanket Jed had as a baby. You can see him rocking it HERE. I had Nancy Langdon and Sabine Pollehn's Sewing Clothes Kids Love book out from the library and used their Imke shirt pattern and chose the pixie hood option. This is a great book - full of loveliness. They encourage fiddling with their patterns and embellishing. I like that. (You know how i have trouble sticking to the pattern!). The Imke pattern can be used to make long sleeve shirts and t-shirts too. It'll be getting good use in the years to come i think.

Another good link for tutorials for groovy boys clothes and accessories is Dana from MADE's Celebrate the Boy series she wrote/ collated. Click HERE for her boys stuff. She has more of her tutorials for kids HERE. Including her 90 minute boat neck shirt which has reached a sort of cult like following in crafty-nerdy-sewing mama circles. I haven't tried it yet. One talented lady that Dana.

Sew Mama Sew's archives are always a good place to look around for tutorials. HERE's the link to their boys sewing month tutorials. A few of you were asking about fast and furious pants tutorials, there is one in there. Happy sewing.

Next up: seven days of blogging...get ready!

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  1. Fabulous ideas, thanks! They look marvelous. I have 2 boys, and just love putting them in handmade stuff. Little hoodies are always a hit with my boys too.