Tuesday, September 13, 2011


From blue skies and berries to...

...blue skies and SNOW! We were lucky to catch the last of the decent snow before the weather packed in.
Some of us very much looked the part. I was very pleased with this merino hoody top i made Jed. More about that in another post.

I love the mountains (i have often lived on or near them in my life) but I can never get my head around paying all the money for gear and a ski pass, only to wait in queues just to come down again. I don't think i can get away with keeping the small one on a sled next year though. He has his eyes on the big mountain. I have a year to get my head around being back on ski's or a board. We're talking 15 years ago at Verbier, or even earlier at Whistler when i lived in Canada. Sigh, my bottom aches at the memory.

A whirlwind of friends, granny and granpa, aunties and cousins and animal pals galore...

...and many many miles of roadtrip. Which, given there was a small person on board, was very pleasant.

My suggestions for travelling with small ones...
- pack a good lunch so you can all have decent travelling food.

- pack lots of snacks - include some you don't usually have...the novelty is a good distraction

- bring new stories and music on CD...libraries are a fantastic free source. Some recommendations: Enid Blyton's Enchanted Wood and the Faraway Tree, anything BBC produces, Roald Dahl (the complete collection will get you all the way down to Invercargill and back!)

-view finders with new reels are priceless.

-there are a bunch of games designed for travel: we picked up a Usborne 100 things for children to do while travelling card set. Each card has two sides of activities and came with a pen. The pen marks wipe off (novelty in itself)...this was sheer brilliance and will fuel many journeys to come. $15 well spent!

-pack a basket with pencil case, new notebooks for each child, pictures from magazines cut out with a new glue stick each. Include books and magazines and other activities that can be done in the car. Place the basket where the kids have easy access to it.

- don't forget to bring any special friends, pillows or blankies.

Some last words:

-limit the sugar and things with additives, you don't want your small people jittery in the constraints of the car!

- the more yummy things you bring with you the less the temptation to buy junk from service stations enroute

- be aware of the attitude you bring to the trip...think 'adventure' rather than trial by fire.

- we have a saying 'it takes the time it takes' - if you stress about having to make good time, you risk losing the magic moments enroute. Stop and play when you need to. It means everyone arrives refreshed. I, er, learnt the hard way on that one!

Look out for the last Creative Mama Series post this coming weekend: i am doing a giveaway of GrowMama treats to say thank you for sharing the ride with me.


  1. Hello! looks like you had a great time... Evie is loving the Faraway Tree, we are on the last chapter tonight. Will stock up on the audio books next time we travel. Sam

  2. looks like you had a fabulous trip, have posted some pics of our wee boy in his stylish Growmama pants here if you want to look http://2girls1orca1pukeko.blogspot.com/2011/09/gardens-with-gran.html

  3. Sounds like you knew exactly how to make the road trip work, and what fun the snow sounds. The Faraway Tree was a favourite of mine as a child.