Monday, October 3, 2011

7 days of blogging 6/7 - fast food good

It's nearing dinnertime, you are tired, small ones are tired and you have no idea what to make for dinner. It's the witching hour in many families. Sound familiar?
Here's one of my go-to fast food recipe's:

Sesame noodles.
-handful of chopped rinsed spinach
-half a block of firm tofu
-two eggs
-mushrooms (i used two large ones here)
-egg noodles
-sesame oil
-sesame seeds
-olive oil
-soy sauce or braggs

1)Throw on a groovy looking apron. That always makes me feel like a domestic goddess, even if i am just making it up as i go along.
2)Take a few eggs, beat them and cook them.
3)While the eggs are cooking, chop some spinach.
4) Slice and fry some mushrooms and tofu in oil, garlic and soy sauce (or Braggs). Chop the cooked egg up or scramble it as it cooks.
5) Meanwhile, have some noodles on the boil.
6)Ten minutes later, when the noodles are cooked and rinsed throw everything together with a dash of sesame oil and a handful of toasted sesame seeds and a splash more soy sauce or Braggs (i prefer Braggs) and serve in a big bowl. Leave some serving spoons out and ask the smallest one to serve everyone.

It's pretty popular and I've got it down to fifteen minutes til it hits the table now.

The meat-eater's version of this recipe is to marinate thin slices of schnitzel beef (this is a very economical dish) in soy or braggs and sesame oil and swap that in for the tofu. I make either.

Well, i don't eat meat for various reasons and neither did Jed for his first year until we went to a Christmas work do and there was a carvery catering the meal...i was thinking oh no, what will i feed Jed when we ran up to the serving tables crying out 'meat, meat!' in total joy, grabbed a leg of something and proceeded to gnaw it enthusiastically while looking around for more. Yeah. I didn't imagine myself a mother of a meat eater but it is clearly the small one's body type. Meat is probably served once or twice a week around here. I buy organic meat from a local butcher. Four years in, the small one still runs in there, flings the door open and cries 'meat!' They know us by name and we get to talk about the farms where their animals come from. I am conflicted and i know i have likely opened a can of worms in terms of the meat-eating vs vegetarianism vs veganism debate and there is so much more to say on the topic but i am not going there today. Like many parenting decisions, this one is a personal one to make. Whichever version of sesame noodles you make, enjoy...i have heard both are delicious. What do YOU make when you're tired and dinner time is looming? I could do with some more culinary fast food tricks....leave a comment and tell us!


  1. hi Anissa

    That sounds like a great fast food recipe & yummy too.

    My desperate meal in a rush for my 3 yr old son is rice & veges. I do this amt below and there is always a bit leftover for me to nibble on. It's something I tend to cook if I'm eating something separately later on or just need to get food into him asap!

    1/3 c of sushi rice
    cooked in 1 1/2 times the amount of water (or stock)
    1/4 tsp kelp powder
    boil til the water is nearly absorbed
    add grated carrot, chopped broccoli or cauli, silverbeet or kale or asparagus - whatever is in season
    cook for a few more minutes

    top (if you want) with a chopped omelette (or maybe some tofu or leftover chicken or whatever) and some soy sauce. we quite often just have the veges.

    surprisingly tasty & takes about 15 mins too!