Wednesday, October 5, 2011

7 days of blogging 7/7 - introducing terence

So, in any one day, i am mama to many. Today it was a builder, a pirate, a mama bird on her eggs, a knight, an All black (NZ is deep in Rugby world cup fever),and Terence the sparrowman. I'm sure i am forgetting a few. Terence is around alot these days. We've just finished reading Gail Carson Devine's Fairies and the Quest for Neverland which Jed spotted at the library. Fairies, pixies, sparrowmen, dragons, high adventure and magic in general. Fits right in around here.

Then Jed wangled the Tinkerbell movie. Oh my! We're not used to screen time and perhaps thats why we got so spirited away by the story. Anyway, heartfelt request came for a Terence outfit. 'Turn the sewing machine on pleeeeaase mama'. Oh, okay! Twist my arm!

The under tunic is a basic shift medieval style with just the two seams, one running down each side. And jersey doesnt fray so i just cut the neck line out and no edge finishing to do, hoorah! The vest is the remnant of a brown men's t shirt that had already been partly used for another project, the pocket essential and the tassles from scraps. The brown 3/4 leggings, hat and wings were already favourites. I'll try and get a better picture.
Terence has been busy bringing in Spring. I came downstairs to this:
Fairy paint made from the juice of blueberries (the small one defrosted them overnight, i wondered what they were for) and fairy dust (gold glitter from the craft box).

I couldn't have come up with a more exciting and magical project myself. I love where kids take me if i allow myself to go for the ride...i recommend it. Jed worked out that the skeleton leaves from his nature table painted up beautifully.

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  1. Awww it would be a mean mum who could turn down a request like that! He looks like he is having fun too :-)