Monday, October 31, 2011


With spring rarking itself up into summer the pace of life has picked up too. Fairs, markets, town friends we don't see out here all winter popping up, playdates, birthdays and barbeques...and it's lighter 'til later at night. It's harder to go home when its utterly gorgeous out.
It's that more outgoing vibe of the warmer weather.

Friends are where it is at. Leaping... ...and disappearing, completely held in the green softness...until a head pops up...then two. Grinning. At home in their bodies, swimming naked in the stream, building, tree climbing, running wild through the sand dunes...creating whole worlds in secret caves. These two small folk played together non-stop for over five hours. No structure, no mama interventions, no drama. So beautiful. Friends.

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