Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hoorah! I finally made it to 'The Bread and Butter Letter' on New North Rd in Auckland's 'almost city'. Sans child i could potter to hearts content. Vintage and handmade loveliness. And, everything (well, mostly) is between 10 and 30 dollars. I walked away with a vintage housedress, a pair of Zak shoes (and yes, i am old enough that the shoes i wore in my girlhood are now considered vintage.) and a little mint green vintage typewriter. Hoorah indeed!

I have been on the look out for one for awhile and it was all i could do to not do a little dance of joy when i saw it sitting there. I may have wiggled excessively waiting for the cross signal at the traffic lights with it tucked under my arm though. Possibly.

Perfect timing...the small one is picking out words he knows as we read together and is beginning to write. (And, regularly asks me definitions of ludicrous words at 6am pre-coffee...'mama, what does presumptous mean?' etc. Sheesh.)

Mama has been having great fun too. I grew up in the era of girls being encouraged to take the domestic arts and typing and shorthand at school. I point blank refused. I was a closet typewriter user.
It works perfectly and came with a carry case. I am tempted to travel with it and plonk it on cafe table among all those laptops...tee hee!


  1. What a beauty! I 'd love to have a type writer on my desk just so I can see it :)I learnt about "The Bread and Butter Letter" through Extra Curricular issue 5. Looks like a very cute shop...!

  2. Do it! That would be hilarious to pull that out amongst a sea of laptops. I would guess many will pull out their phones to take pictures of it since they've never seen such a device in person. :-)

  3. It's a beauty, I love using my little typewriter! The Bread & Butter Letter is such a lovely shop, it's one of my favourite shops and I always combine my visit there with a trip to the Poppy Cafe/Florist
    across the road.

  4. great finds, the shop is 5 mins walk from us

  5. thanks all...the newest addition to our small house is much loved for sure! Thanks for the recommendation about the poppy cafe/florist annie...i had no clue about it. oooh gabrielle 5 mins away would be dangerous! x