Saturday, October 8, 2011

apple spirals

I get many comments about this newly acquired piece of kitchen equiptment. Kitchen utensils are pretty simple around here...i'm a mortar and pestle and swiss whip kinda gal. Even when i cooked Friday nights for 100+ fellow communards and guests at Twin Oaks Community i still made my pie crusts by hand. I just like it. This one fits the bill for being powered by elbow grease.

Impale the unsuspecting apple, turn the crank and it peels, slices and cores the apple. Plus you get a few 'magic drops' of apple juice on the board. Yum. Magic indeed. Anyone with fruit phobic children (you know who you are down the hill there!) might want to give this a whirl. Kids love it. They eat the peel as well as the apple.
I wouldn't have known what this was, except Jed did some visiting at our local beautiful Steiner nursery for awhile and they have one there. Then, on a rare occasion when we were in a 'new goods' store together (instead of an op shop) we spotted this on sale. It came home with us and is much loved.

Did i mention the apple gets sliced in a complete spiral?

I find much kitchen gadgetry superflous and slightly mad. This one is slightly mad in a good way. I'm sold.


  1. Ohhh. I've seen these on Trade Me and have plans to buy one some day.
    I love to make things from scratch and have actually had people be quite rude about it.

  2. I have one that I bought many years ago, my boys loved helping with preparing the apples. We also have a dehydrator which was also bought years ago - dried apples are just fabulous, so are figs, tomatoes,peaches etc and fruit rollups are just great and much better than those store bought ones.

  3. What fun. I love the look of the apple spiral unwinding itself.