Tuesday, October 25, 2011

it has begun

Labour Day in NZ was yesterday. The surf lifesavers are back on patrol from now on. Great excitement for the small people in our midst. Buggies, flags, the surf lifesaver boats....it's all being replayed in mini-fashion by small versions of surf lifesavers at the stream and on the beach. This winter has been, well, crap, to put it lightly and i'm not talking exclusively about the weather. Roll on spring and summer i say.
This time last year it was blazing hot and we'd all been swimming lots already. Lets just say it's still wetsuit temperatures in there. I have yet to go in. Jed would swim (and does sometimes) midwinter wetsuit optional. They're on a different thermostat those small ones. Being back down at the beach had me thinking alot about friends who live in Mt Maunganui and what's happening there with all the oil washing up from the Rena. So sad.

Labour Day also sees a local beach community's annual market that their community pre-school puts on. It's a great day and yesterday was no exception. Apart from their being many people moving slowly and with dark sunglasses on due to excesses of celebrating NZ winning the world cup. GrowMama was there and i had a blast. Thank you to those who came out to see me. Always a pleasure!

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