Sunday, October 16, 2011


When in our local organic shop awhile back, i asked Jed if he would like to choose a treat. He chose little violet and pea seedlings. We are enjoying watching his little spring garden grow and blossom in one of the wine barrels on our deck.

Slowly the vegetable and herb gardens are getting their act together too.

A slug habitat. We got to watch the cavorting of Jed's baby slug for the day and then released her...far away from Mama's patch.

My favourite part of the weekend? Giving up (temporarily) on my list of things to do and just sitting with Jed in the spring sun at the bottom of the garden. Jed was chatting to the slug who was crawling all over him, and the cat stretched out in the sun. I was making daisy chains. Just chatting, idly, sitting...thinking, chatting some more. Magic is so often found in those quiet moments 'in between'.

And someone just reminded me that the Piha Labour Day market is a week away...eek, i thought i had two weeks. No prizes for what i'll be doing this week! (Now, if i can just locate that missing week....)

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