Thursday, October 13, 2011

the sun shone

Couldn't see a few metres off our deck the rain was so heavy this morning...and then, at rest time...clouds lifted, we saw the sea and blue sky and got all excited. We raced down to the beach and climbed and sat and thought and marvelled in the sun.

Jed made a new friend. One very friendly sparrow. That could have been hours of entertainment...but the rain closed in again and chased us home. That's okay, springtime in New Zealand will do that to you on occasion. Small one got to race the raindrops and come home to share a meal and a bath and a bit of mayhem with his friends.
But not before the GrowMama re-usable snack bag got to come out. I just love these, ours are used daily. Apologies to those who've been asking for them. More will be stocked in my felt store soon, it's a sluggish week. There is one set left in store now. Link to the right.


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  1. I've been catching those moments between showers too. Spring certainly keeps us on our toes, doesn't it. Love the snack bag.