Monday, October 10, 2011

vintage sundress

I found this vintage sundress the other day. I have a thing for green, i have a thing for sundresses and i have a thing for vintage. Lucky it's a perfect fit. It was a rotten day and it made me smile when i saw it. I figured that alone, was enough reason to bring it home with me.
It needs a little tweaking. The hem is a bit wonky and the interfacing needs tacking down so i have set it to one side to fix once i get through this next wave of market sewing. The carrot.

I have been doing a bit of thinking about procrastination and the art of avoiding one's 'to-do lists' lately and spotted a brilliant little clip about just that via Bleubird Vintage's blog. Click HERE for Miranda July's 'tip for the easily distracted'. Artful brilliance. And, how is this for the hostess of the mostess summer uniform?! That apron!


  1. Haha thanks for sharing that video! I'm inspired to find a bowl big enough for my laptop now!

  2. Gorgeous! Amazing it. Jxx