Tuesday, October 25, 2011

woolly walk

I had heard rumour of a 'Woolly Walk' in Auckland and i kept meaning to ask some crafty types (who are more in the know than my rural dwelling self) where it was. On a recent town adventure we came off the ferry (Jed's first boat ride!) across the harbour at Devonport, wandered outside...and lo, the 'Woolly Walk!' It's a mighty fine bit of knitivism. Perfect for racing alongside (that wee bit of info for my four year old readers and those mama's into running alongside wild small folk.

So much to explore in this culturally diverse geographically strange city of ours.

Next up on the wishlist is the freshly unveiled new art gallery and the new section on NZ wildlife at the city's zoo 'Te Wao Nui'. Although the trainride in is enough entertainment for us country folk ...we could just ride it into town and back and be content.
Auckland harbour on a sunny day is a beautiful backdrop to this little meander of crafty goodness.

Nice to stumble across displays of colour and creativity. I like being taken unawares by art and beauty in unexpected ways.

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