Wednesday, November 30, 2011

book bonanza

One of the benefits of getting lost is stumbling across places you wouldn't otherwise. Yesterday took a wrong turn (or three) and found a gem of a op-shop. Hoorah! As well as an armful of fabric we brought home a bonanza of books:

I hadn't read Curious George before and we've been having a lovely time reading all his adventures. I loved reading about the author and illustrator too. The George stories date back to the 1940' and illustrator were a German couple who fled the Nazi regime. Then they left Paris on bicycles hours before the Nazi occupies the city. All they took with them was a change of clothes, a coat and their manuscripts - among them Curious George.

Beautifully illustrated and perfect stories for a small person just starting to read.

We snaffled the complete original collection of thomas the tank engine for a wee friends birthday gift.

And look! More Childcraft encyclopedia's: We already had 'How things work' and loved it so it was lovely to add to our collection. Finances get stretched around here and i was so touched that the lady working in the shop gave us these for 50 cents each.

We are big on books around here. The small one is as curious as George and we find ourselves reaching for books to supplements the mama's brain capacity. Plus, the encyclopedia's are so well illustrated with their drawings and photographs.

Jed went to bed last night asking 'Mama, how can a cockroach walk on the ceiling?' ... you can see i need an in-house library as support!

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  1. Lovely finds. Gotta love it when your kids are into books.

    My youngest girl is in love with thomas the tank engine, we picked up a great big book of him the other week at a school fair- she was over the moon!