Friday, November 11, 2011


Rummages (even at speed) in op shops have been rare lately. As Jed gets older and my work from home picks up so does the pace. I make a concerted effort to live fairly simply. Fully, i like to think, but none of this charging around all day from appointment to playdate to deadline to errands for me. Well, not until the last few weeks at least. And things have changed in our dynamics too...Those of you with kidlets know how it just get into a comfortable groove and then they blindside you with some new developmental quirk (like whingeing when tired for sweets they didn't know existed until a week ago at the kid-height shelves at the grocery checkout or legging it even faster when you call for them to come - just examples - not that my wee angel would do either thing...oh no) and you have to figure out how to meet that next stage.
I did force one quick pit stop at a Salvation Army as we were passing recently. I had a hot tip off that there was a bunch of vintage fabric in. All gone by the time i got there but Jed did come away with a much loved book. This beautiful book... from the vintage 'eye view library' about nature- on Bumblebees. It is like a nature documentary written in fiction form. And that art work - loveliness.

On the lookout for more in the series...any tip-off's (for vintage fabric which i am in dire need of, or more books in the 'eye view library' series will be gratefully received.


  1. Yes I can understand how getting out with little ones can be an ever-changing nightmare at times. My youngest has decided to rebel against sitting in the supermarket trolley's toddler seat, yet he's too hellbound-for-leather to walk nicely beside me. Urgh. As for taking him into any other store... Maybe in another year!

    Really good op shop find are awesome, but seeing someone walk away with the very thing you were making a bee-line towards.. So so not cool. Like the time I missed out on buying my partner a complete collection of Lee Child novels as I failed to check out the bookshelves when I first walked in. D'oh!

    Good luck in the quest for vintage fabric!

  2. What a gorgeous book. Jed is so lucky, growing up close to nature and with a mother who finds treasure in unexpected places.