Sunday, November 6, 2011


Jed came running in to tell me about a 'bee's nest' he found being built on our deck. Out came his insect book and another great learning experience unfolded. We talked about the differences between wasps and bees, their nests, stings and their insect lives. Jed identified correctly that this was a wasp's nest.
We put orange cones around the wasps nest to remind us not to get too close. Later that evening, in the rain, i knocked it down and we found it in the morning, blown into the corner by the wind. Such an amazing construction.
Books are great. Oh, we do love books around here...but to see for oneself, to touch and that is wondrous. The nest is on Jed's table...with pinecones, seashells, dead beetles, seeds, a birds nest, feathers, snail shells and other special treasures.


  1. I LOVE the way you extended his learning :)

  2. We had a wasps nest in our ceiling cavity in Jan/Feb. It cost us $100 to get rid of it. NOT such an amazing construction from my point of view! Plus apparantly if you wait too long they will eat through your ceiling and get into your rooms! Not cool! (But from a kids view insects are pretty awesome)