Wednesday, November 2, 2011

little boys and puppies

There is nothing like a puppy. Or, a little boy and puppies.

Jed was at his much loved cousin's third birthday and for hours was not to be seen amongst the party action. Where was he? Upstairs, with Auntie's dog's three tiny puppies. Cuddling, kissing, chatting and protecting -'i am teaching the little children how to be gentle mama'.

I love this ability to rough house, climb trees and ride bikes wildly downhill balanced with the love of babies and bellies, puppies with such gentleness and care.

A few things to share with you:(non-puppy related)

Backwoods mama - Click HERE to be transported to the farm, where a wildly imaginative mama homeschools, sews and well, just looks pretty darn cute. I like her style: check out her Sew Camps.

Element Magazine - anyone else look forward to the NZ Herald's monthly magazine coming out? You can read most of it online too. It's subtitle is 'A Better way of Living' and that pretty much sums it up. Finally, New Zealand has a mainstream (but still good) magazine with massive distribution numbers talking about sustainability. Great stories, accessible format. Click HERE .


  1. Awww. Our cats came from a house with a 3 year old boy who particularly loved 'the orange one'. By loved I mean adored and smothered. That boy is now 10 and the cats still hide from children.
    Element mag looks awesome, thanks for sharing the link.

  2. enjoy the element mag...the little man is so caring with animals it is a joy to be around - lucky i know. I feel for your cats having been traumatised - eek.