Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the queen of happiness

The Queen of Happiness...that's me. My title of the day anyway. So i was declared at breakfast time this morning by my faithful ever-loving knight. How lovely is that?
Magical days i tell you...even the hiccups, the occasional grumping mixed in with the holding hands, the races down to the garden and the piles of laughter. Once the sun warms the world it is warm enough now for those small ones among us who prefer bare skin to clothes. Bath time is back to the bucket on the deck in the warm evening breeze. I am amazed he still fits. It's partly about cleanliness, partly about water conservation (we drink rain around here) partly about water therapy...it's been a busy time for us, with the world opening up and speeding up for the small one...

...he sat for ages in the warm water, in the last of the day's sun...just looking out over bush and sea.

Part of what is new: He's started nippers...the NZ Surf Lifesavers training for small ones. It's games and water safety pretty much. But fun. Oh yes!

The queen of happiness (that really should be capital letters huh?!) is loving the garden...fresh herbs and medicines ready for the picking and vegetables busy growing in their beds of straw mulch.

Queen also of late nights and sewing blitz's. I have been merrily distracted from GrowMama market sewing this morning by a new idea. The photo above is the first stages of a new Solstice/Christmas ornament - to be revealed in a blog post coming soon to a screen near you.


  1. What a delightful post. I just posted one of my own, on the subject of happiness, and then I found yours! How lucky your young man is to grow up with so much happiness both outside and inside.

  2. love the picture of him in the bucket looking out to sea