Tuesday, November 22, 2011

shopping local

I have this picture on my inspiration board above my work table:It's what our ancestors did and many parts of the world still live this way. Markets in the village square, trading produce, growing and making your own food and essentials. To have a better future, we need to get back to this way of life. Cut out all those transport miles. I don't think it means a deprived life. There's no reason why we can't import a few luxuries (i am rather partial to coffee myself!) but for the most part i think buying locally produced goods is the way to go. For those wanting more on eating locally, check out the locavores project HERE. (It's in San Francisco but still interesting to learn from.)

With the massive consumerist holiday of Christmas fast approaching i am mindful of where i source our gifts from. (The meaning behind this holiday is a whole other topic, i'll save that for another post!). For the most part i make, thrift and craft up a storm leading up to Solstice and Christmas for my own gifting and for you all to buy at markets. No surprises there right?! But i also like to support people doing what they love. I would rather not support the massive multi national chain stores with their mass produced gear. I like to put my money where it can be useful, put it toward folks who are building a better world. And, there is nothing like giving a handcrafted gift. That love shines through brighter than any Kmart purchase.

I'll be featuring a few beautiful handcrafted or vintage gift ideas as i come across them...check this out:
Big S Little S has created ..... Seedling Kits. Comes with a beautifully made bag, three packets of seeds, instructions and an ingenious and simple to use wooden pot maker. You can recycle your newspapers into seedling pots...genius!
For more pictures and information go to Stacey's felt shop HERE. She has some beautiful handcrafted wooden buttons too. And tell her to list more will you?!


  1. I spyed these on FELT the other day. Brilliant idea! I think lots of people are sharing your non-commercial Christmas views this year, looking forward to seeing your posts. xxxx

  2. Love the picture with the 'local shops' message. Sadly, our little Ponsonby greengrocer's shop has unexpectedly closed down after being her for decades.