Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blexbolex Seasons

I love this book.
And, last library visit i found it on the book sale shelf.
20 cents.
Happy dance? Yup. On the spot.
It's 'Seasons' by Blexbolex. Have a lookie at a preview on You Tube HERE.

Simple, striking and thought provoking.
The small one is getting into his reading, or 'magic with letters and words' as he puts it. This book is a fun time together.

The book's hardcover is a bit damaged and i did wonder, briefly, about using pages of it to frame. But i don't think i could.

Er, 'escape', 'contemplation'...not hard to infer where i am at!

A COMPLETE ASIDE: i had a few emails hurrying me up on the groovy gift suggestion front: yup, i'm on blog post will give you the solutions to your last minute gift acquisitions. Hang tight, it's coming!

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  1. Nice book. I've never come across it before, and enjoyed the youtube clip; thanks Anissa.