Sunday, December 11, 2011

christmas cheer: fast

One rainy morning you and the small fry can set up a Christmas themed printing press in your own kitchen. And, if you live in New Zealand, i am suspecting there is a rainy morning in your immediate future.

Not just any printing. Potato printing.

We did stars, christmas tree and holly leaves/berries. Oh, and some free painting sort of magic by the small printer was in the mix too. Those were my favourites. These are our gift tags and some to make cards with.

And this fast made little bit of mama late night craft wizardry...Jed's advent calendar.

I didn't want to the shop bought ones. I figured we didn't need chocolate everyday. My mind went to elaborate heirloom handmade type of advent calendars. But, problem. Every time i thought of making one...well, it just made me feel tired. THAT, is a sure sign NOT to begin that particular project.

Then i stumbled across THIS idea in Amy Karol's Angry Chicken blog. Genius. And, whats more...simple genius. I simplified her idea even more. I cut down a bunch of standard size envelopes i already had, dug out a bunch of little craft pegs, golden string and a few gold bells i had leftover from last years yuletide crafting. Each year i pack away any Christmas cards into the decorations box. Then we get to chop them up and use the images the following i cut out images that would fit on the envelopes and glued them on. I mixed it up by adding a few with vintage red and green buttons (couldnt resist throwing buttons in there!), some with gorgeous christmas stickers we'd been given and filled in the remaining gaps with some christmas themed collage with green and red fabric. Inside each advent envelope went little things: stickers, a handmade wee book, craft pens, a tiny padlock and key, candle, tiny test jars of bath soap, balloons, all sorts of little bits of joy, vouchers for days out to favourite places. Even a few chocolate lady bugs. And a special gift for Solstice. The whole thing was done and dusted in an hour and a half.

The little guy was most excited to see it when he woke the next morning.

So there you have it, two easy peasy fast and furious fun Christmas ideas. Bring on the rain!


  1. Love these ideas to bits! I decided to make the kids an advent calendar this year. For some insane reason I decided it should be sewn....first I was going to make 25...then I shortened it to 1-12 on one side & then flip them over and have 13-25 on the rest. So far they have 5...golly is it the 12th already?
    Mother of the year I tell you...not :(

  2. thanks angela...we are all mother of the year honey - there aint no standouts except us to our kids, thats where it counts! Hey, never fear...Jed's advent calendar started a week in too. Bit late off the mark. i left a few envelopes empty and filled 'em later too. he he