Friday, December 9, 2011

gecko and friends

Children see the world so differently. Try as i might, i don't see as much as them. Jed found this gecko over the edge of our deck a few days ago. It's been greatly exciting to see him/her come and go, bask in the sun, do whatever it is gecko's do best.

Last year we spotted a bigger, darker gecko sunning itself on the deck. Click HERE to see that wee beauty. You can read more about native NZ geckos HERE. Any ideas on what kind of gecko we have please let me know. It looks like a Duchavel's gecko but they are very rare and aren't meant to exist here, so, hmmm, maybe not.

When it disappeared, i was looking for it in the nearby trees, on the wood, you know...natural geckoey sort of places. It was Jed who figured out it's hiding place. Inside the hollow pipe of the TV satellite dish (we're not TV watchers but if you are to get any channels out here, a satellite is needed). So, if you look very closely at the photo above, you'll see a little foot and nose...I guess no birds can snap you up in there!

Along the creature theme...the stick insects are back. All summer long they hang out on the deck walls. We have Titoki trees along the back of the deck and the stick insects seem to like them, alot. Last year i counted 17 stick insects on one tree.

And this bizarre little beauty that Jed came running in to tell me about. Call me a geek but i had to get the insect identification book out for this one. I have never seen any like it. It's a male giraffe weevil. They live for about 2 years in rotten wood feasting, to finally emerge as an adult.

Thing is, they live only 2 weeks in their adult form. Crazy.


  1. Aww that gecko is so cute. Pulled me right back to my childhood where finding skinks on my grandparents farm was so much fun. Recently found your blog and really enjoying each post. Thanks for making me smile over breakfast

  2. Clever you for capturing these little creatures. Jed is growing up with such awareness of the small and hidden things. So lucky.

  3. the gecko is very cool, not quite so sure about the giant insects....we would still love to come out and visit over summer, we are away from boxing day till the 16th but after that have time at home so hopefully we can coordinate a visit out west and see you guys. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas

  4. -thanks thrifty fox, it's nice to 'meet' you.
    - oh i know juliet...we think of moving from our little little house to something bigger and closer to town and then balk...i'd miss the critters, the fresh air, the quiet and the wilds...sigh! YOU know!
    - oooo keep me posted gabrielle, love to see you all later in Jan. Definitely!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Solstice and just generally good days ahead folks!

  5. hi there,
    The gecko is a forest gecko (Mokopirirakau granulatus). Good find :)

    1. Thanks for that Dylan! We had eventually identified him/her...and still living in the same place...but now with a friend in there too.