Saturday, December 17, 2011

last minute gift guide

Before we get into gifts to buy...there's simple gift tutorials galore to be found online. Many folks have enough stuff and sometimes it's just silly to think about contributing to more of it.
But! Some handmade paper bunting for the Yuletide season might be just the thing.
We used red and green cardboard, a pair of scissors and some lengths of bias binding to make ours:
- we sat down and Jed thought of different seasonal shapes. I wrote down the ones i thought i could draw.
- cut out our shapes. Jed went off and did his own thing with his scissors at this point.
- Glued any embellishments on. Arranged the shapes on our binding then:
- Mama zigzagged the bunting onto the bias binding and DONE!
(Er, anybody else notice a theme of fast, simple decorations around here?!)
Er, anyone else notice a theme of handmade, fast and simple decorations around here?!

Jed's bunting is my favourite. Kid's art before all the limitations of the (potentially) boring adult mind set in are just wondrous.

This is Jed's centre-piece of his bunting. "my symbol of Christmas" - direct jed quote. to the last minute gift guide: We're going for local, groovy and easy on the earth and pocket.

Trash Footwear gift voucher. Based in Raglan and using rubbish from the tip and liberated from dumpsters, Ben makes kick ass footwear for men and women. I was lucky enough to meet Ben today and just take a look at my new summer sandals...

...These little honeys are made to last and are incredibly comfortable. Plus, Ben is an awesome guy. Click HERE to be taken to the Trash Footwear website. Aucklanders can hop along to the SAFE (Save Animals from Exploitation) shop in St Kevins Arcade on Karanghape Rd.

Koanga Gardens - take a wander through the Koanga Online shop HERE...seeds, books, mushroom kits, tools, fermenting crocks, sourdough starters...whatever it takes to build a brave new world...and something for everyone. Koanga Gardens and Centre for Sustainable Living do a great job...get in there and support them while taking care of your christmas shopping. GrowMama has a store in's NZ's answer to online shop full of handmade goodness. Well worth a browse and there's still a day or so to allow for posting....well worth a virtual potter around. Go to Felt's home page HERE.

Sparkle stories. The gift of stories makes such a beautiful gift for any family/child. Sparkle stories are all-original, expertly told audio stories by subscription. Started a year ago by a homeschooling mama and papa. There are several story 'streams' you can choose from. They are beautiful stories about themes important to children and conveyed through characters they learn and grow with through out the year. We have been part of Sparkle stories for a few months and i cannot recommend them enough. Ideal for those who don't do screen time or want to lessen their screentime. You can also download sample stories for free. HERE.

Extracurricular magazine - give a subscription or the latest issue. Blog HERE (with a nifty piece on Ben of Trash Footwear fame)...and available to buy on Felt HERE.

And there's always GrowMama gear...HERE, as ever!

Merry days to you folks...stay out of those malls, put your money where your ideals are and support some good people working hard towards a better and get some truly beautiful gifts in exchange. Yeah!

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