Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Keep it simple, keep it simple is sort of my mantra at the moment. Especially as we heal from this icky sickness we had 'round here. So much going on. The garden is no exception. Our strawberries haven't quite begun yet (for us anyway...the birds got a few before i remembered the glass jar over ripening fruit trick)..but we've been enjoying them nonetheless. I made my annual special trip to our local strawberry farm and was sad to hear the farmer, whose been in the business for years, upset about the increasing impossibility of being a small producer of quality strawberries. Sigh. Still, they made a most beautiful simple supper tonight (i give the small one supper before teethbrushing and bed each night...otherwise he wakes hungry at a hideous hour) - with a bit of the Great Co-operative Dairy's Black Plum live yoghurt on the side. It's the taste of summer.

My raw vegetable intake is pretty zingy with all our salads in our garden, the wild chickweed and red clover and nasturtium flowers i eat as we pass by... and Jed's amazing peas.

Green goodness. In Jed's words: "MMmmm, my body is so happy i ate that".

Yup. Mine too.


  1. i am jealous! fresh local fruit sounds delicious....

  2. Glass jar over ripening fruit! Thank you thank you thank you! x

  3. mmmm yum! I must put more peas in, they've got to be the best thing to snack on in the garden!

  4. yum strawberries! can you say which is your local grower - have been looking for a strawberry farm. Sam