Saturday, December 3, 2011

The season has begun. This was the GrowMama stall at my last market. Green and red predominating over all that retro floral huh?! Hmm. Call me a recovering Christmas grinch!
Jed's advent calendar went up last night, a little pine tree in a pot has joined the family, the solstice fairies have been unpacked and are busy exploring their new tree. There'll be peeks of these in the time to come.

I've been fielding a few questions about my newly designed Christmas decorations since i had them at last month's Kraftbomb here they are. I am sorry, i have lost my notebook i had with me that day so for those of you wondering where to buy them online: Go to my GrowMama felt store HERE.

Solstice/Christmas elf hats in three sizes: baby, toddler-school age and large child/small adult.

Pop them into the dress up box and you'll see them during the year as various fairies, elves, gnomes and pixies. Reversible - and with bells on.

Fabric holly with vintage button berries. A GrowMama designed special. These have a craft wire and pure wool inner to them so you can shape them as you like.

An aside: I think half my community is down with a nasty sore throat/glands up/phlegmy/cough/malaise sort of a lergy and i was no exception. Darn it all...i am usually so hardy. So, if i am a wee bit late replying to your email or your order is possibly a day off schedule, i am sorry. Know that i am trying my best to catch up!


  1. I just love those little elf hats, too cute!
    Sorry to hear you are unwell, make sure you rest up or the recovery time will be longer. Looking forward to catching up soon, I am steadily putting a box of 'bits' together for you.

  2. hi annie, you should see the elf hats on... getting a pic of one on small one was like trying to herd cats. thank you for wise words about taking it easy too. oooh, the box of 'bits' sounds wonderfully intriguing! see you soon, a