Wednesday, December 7, 2011

seasonal trees

Signs of Solstice and Christmas are popping up all over the house here...and the garden. Here in New Zealand where Christmas means shorts, salads, swimming, picnics and possibly even a surfboard, the beautiful red flowers of the magestic coastal pohutakawa tree is also synonymous with this time of year.

There's a little tree IN our little house too. There was much conversation about a tree this year...i tried to sell the small person on the idea of making a tree. Of course. But that idea didn't fly. Neither did he like the idea of having a tree that was cut down. Small one asked for a living tree in a pot. One that "we could be friends with all the year round and bring inside to help us celebrate". So, thats what we have.

It is a little tree so i had to do some quick thinking about decorations. I bought some lightweight red and green ribbon and dug around in the craft box. Out came the glue gun and some tiny pompoms and some sequin stars in red, green and silver. Hey presto...some little tree decorations.

One crochety morning that needed some focus Jed and i made a tree to hang on the wall too. The gold glitter 'streamers', cutting out of the tree and help with sticking down the green tinsel tassles were my contributions, the rest was Jed work. The symmetry of his crafting and arranging of artwork is amazing me at the moment.

I was happy to see the tree bunting come out of hiding again. Link to last years blog post (with link to tutorial) HERE. The season is looking pretty handmade!


  1. Oh how I miss the pohutakawa tree now we are living alpine. They are so beautiful at this time of year.

  2. The tree looks great. I like the idea of it being a tree to be friends with all year. Jed's paper trees are pretty impressive too.