Friday, September 30, 2011

seven days of blogging 3/7 - waylaid

I have been temporarily waylaid by a nasty 24 hour bug thats been making it's way through the community. Ick. I'll save you from the gruesome details! I would've made considerably less sense than usual if i had of tried to post last night. We're back on track for our seven days of blogging now. Phew.

I'll leave you with a little gem Jed and i picked up on one of our op shopping expeditions...a mini fugeball. In great condition, it is fantastic for the small motor skills and can be played happily alone or with mama. It's pretty fun. My goalie has a habit of levitating on his head while Jed scores a goal if i am not careful.

Has anyone else noticed that i am always on the look-out for projects the wee fella can do by himself? Desperate efforts to extend mama's work time - since we got back from our roadtrip and small one was sick he somehow forgot how to amuse himself for three hours on end while i work. I treasure that time, when i am absorbed in my stuff and Jed is either working alongside me or has some incredible project of his own going on. At my insistence, it's coming back. Thank the heavens!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

seven days of blogging 2/7- big ups

A big ups to all the Creative Mama's who participated in The Creative Mama Series. Thank you so much for letting us peek into your worlds and for sharing your stories with us. I laughed, i nodded in understanding and my eyes popped out in wonder at times too. I feel humbled and inspired to be part of your crafty mama community. I had so much great feedback (mostly by email, many of you are shy of leaving comments it seems!) and got so much out of reading the posts myself. I am stronger in letting the 'lists of things to do' lapse while i do a bit of much needed sewing therapy or mama-time in the crafting zone. That is a gift, thank you for that. All the links to each mama's post remain up on the side bar.
And for those mama's who were going to write a Creative Mama post and got snowed under and couldn't do it...i salute you for putting yourselves and your families first. No hard feelings here, just understanding.

On a totally unrelated topic....another big ups to Emma Heke, who is the creator of the Ours DVD. Now, we are not big screen people. We don't watch TV so small one doesnt have that modelled. Just quietly, he has NO idea there is kids stuff on TV. Ahem.

Jed hadn't watched anything until he was 2 1/2 or something, but now, on a very occasional occasion, we'll watch a DVD. I was in a shop yesterday and for the first time took a look at what was available for children. Alot. I was kinda shocked. Not much of it i want in my house. But this DVD...'Ours', its a keeper. It runs through the alphabet with nature words, images and footage. Much of it is specific to NZ native wildlife. It runs at a slower pace than many films and features stuff children are truly interested in. If children are watching DVD's, i reckon this is the sort of thing we need more of. Emma has come up with another one called Our Creative Children, all about doing kid centred art inspired directly from nature. It's full of ideas and walks you through the creating process. So, all you folks who email me saying they are not the creative type but want to do art with their kids or anyone looking for good presents for small people...go HERE to the Ours DVD website. You can see clips of the DVD's HERE.
Go Emma, i say!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

seven days of blogging - fun 'n' games

So, every now and then i have a backlog of posts tumbling around in my head and for some reason they're not making it to you. Then i declare a 'seven days of blogging' bonanza...where i commit to blogging for seven days in a row. This is usually a fairly spontaneous decision with no thought to what my life looks like in the next 7 days and whether it's a good time to be doing more blogging. Yup. Here we gooooo...... I very nearly bought a game of tiddlywinks new recently but balked at the price. I said i would make one. Before i got around to it i found a vintage orginal one at the op shop. Hoorah! Great fun is often simple fun. It took the small one all of a few minutes to get the hang of it. Equally fun to play alone which is a bonus for the working from home mama.

These beautiful puzzles came from Lets Go Retro. I was dropping off some new GrowMama stock for Simonne when i spotted these beauties. I had been looking for some wooden puzzles like this. Each of these puzzles has different solutions and can make different striking patterns. I like that there isn't just one 'right' way. Life is a bit like that. I find the usual jigsaws the kids will do a few times and that's it. So hard to find good ones that aren't just advertising some TV show or movie too. But these puzzles are ones that keep their interest and they feel so good to tinker around with. Yup, mama's been at it too.

Monday, September 26, 2011

sewing for the boy

Night before we left on a big road trip to the snow and beyond...what was i up late doing? Well, packing, but also...sewing. Jed refuses to wear jeans. He likes them, they come out for dress-ups but last about 5 minutes before being tossed to one side and proclaimed 'too uncomfortable'. So. I made him a pair of black stretch denim wideleg jeans with vintage barkcloth pockets. Super comfy and he can wear them as 3/4 pants next season. I design all my kids clothes so the small ones can get more than one season out of them.

This merino hoodie is a firm favourite at the moment. Not sure why it took me until spring to remember the pile of merino off cuts i had lurking in my stash but no matter...this hoodie was done in time for the snow. Perfect. The hood lining is made from a merino blanket Jed had as a baby. You can see him rocking it HERE. I had Nancy Langdon and Sabine Pollehn's Sewing Clothes Kids Love book out from the library and used their Imke shirt pattern and chose the pixie hood option. This is a great book - full of loveliness. They encourage fiddling with their patterns and embellishing. I like that. (You know how i have trouble sticking to the pattern!). The Imke pattern can be used to make long sleeve shirts and t-shirts too. It'll be getting good use in the years to come i think.

Another good link for tutorials for groovy boys clothes and accessories is Dana from MADE's Celebrate the Boy series she wrote/ collated. Click HERE for her boys stuff. She has more of her tutorials for kids HERE. Including her 90 minute boat neck shirt which has reached a sort of cult like following in crafty-nerdy-sewing mama circles. I haven't tried it yet. One talented lady that Dana.

Sew Mama Sew's archives are always a good place to look around for tutorials. HERE's the link to their boys sewing month tutorials. A few of you were asking about fast and furious pants tutorials, there is one in there. Happy sewing.

Next up: seven days of blogging...get ready!

Friday, September 23, 2011

the marketplace

All these vintage fabrics i brought home from the Vintage Textile Fair have been sewn with.
I have a few big markets coming up.

Kraftbomb, my beloved regular market is this Sunday (11-2 at Grey Lynn Community Centre if you're in the area, come say hi) and the big Labour Day Piha Market is next month. There are still some stalls left, get in touch if you'd like to have your wares there. It's a great day out for the family with a kids area, beautiful food and coffee and some real bargains. One of my market highlights of the year along with the Titirangi Steiner Advent Fair in November. I had a pile of market sewing to do, which i promptly ignored and instead got stuck into making this shirt for myself. It's a tradition, to make new season's wear. I used Simplicity 3835, a built by Wendy pattern that i just love. I tweaked the shirt pattern to come up with this shirt. Instead of using elastic around the neck and arms, i altered the arms to be cap sleeves and created a big casing to form the neckline. There is no gathering, i made a long ribbon using the same fabric and threaded that through, finishing it off with a bow. Very happy with it. Along with the jersey batwing tops i have designed and will make their debut at the GrowMama piha market stall.

There was enough fabric left to make some heirloom baby shoes for this weekend's market.

And, some for the boys.

I started out making all unisex clothes and accessories but soon realised that my idea of unisex and many other peoples did not add up to the same thing. Then i got so many requests for florals and pink clothes for girls that i cracked. I try and have something for everyone now. The GrowMama Felt store, my online marketplace is looking good. With two sales in it's first week of being stocked, hoorah! On market days i may withdraw items in my shop while i have them on the GrowMama stall, but never fear, they'll be re-instated on my return from market. See you there. Or back here, whichever comes first. May your weekend be all you need it to be. xx

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Creative Mama Series - Anissa

So, I’m fresh outta Creative Mama’s – i had a pool of five more to go but life with small children (earthquakes and other calamity's) has rendered them all temporarily mute. I am afraid you are stuck with me for the grand finale of The Creative Mama Series. A few of you have emailed and asked if i was going to do, here goes..
Introducing Anissa Ljanta: Writer, crafty mama, herbalist, avid reader, event organiser, social justice activist, seamstress, mama, vintage enthusiast, gardener, lover of wild places, networker, cook, dancer, op-shopping queen, friend and more.

What’s your creative outlet? Why do you craft? When do you make time to craft?
Well, I sew. I make, i bake and i will upcycle pretty much anything i put my mind to. It’s compulsive. And partly necessary, both for my creative outlet ( I say it’s my therapy) and financially. I mainly upcycle my fabric or new vintage fabric which i find by rummaging in thrift stores. Ahh, i jiggle a crowbar between the hours in the day to allow time for crafting. I will involve my son to get my fix. Oh, and i stay up way too late.
Your creative space – what does it look like?
I have the best view from my crafting table. It’s a good sized table, i love it and I look out over the bush and ocean. Sounds of birdsong and the crazy west coast surf floats in my window. Downside is that it’s actually one side of my bedroom. All my fabric stashed under the table (or bed), vintage sheeting in tidy piles awaiting transformation under my table. I have an inspiration board (which i try not to cover completely with small child art), fellow Creative Mama’s art around me, a shelf to my right with my special bits and tins of vintage buttons, cat curled up asleep somewhere and all i need right to hand and in its rightful place. When Jed was tiny, i would set up a portable machine on his table and sew manically when he napped (if he napped), perched on one of his tiny chairs. So, this current crafting set-up is something close to paradisical in comparison. I dream of a separate studio but I love my crafting area at the moment.

How did you learn your craft? (Did your mama/grandma craft? Self taught?)
My mama made alot of our clothes when we were growing up. I was largely unteachable but learnt from watching her sew and was banging out dolls clothes and dodgy clothes for myself from age six or so. There’s alot of self- taught in there too. I know alot but I am still learning. Actively learning, thirsty for it in fact.

Do you do any crafting with your kids? Are they into it? Can you suggest a project that your small ones have enjoyed?
Oh yes, Jed and i are often ‘on the make’. We usually have a wish list of things we’d like to make and sometimes when the spirit takes us we’ll do a four hour stint and look up still in our Pjamas. Quite a few pairs of pyjama’s have paint splatters on them. Even if i am making something for Jed i will ask for his input...he will choose fabrics, colours, or have a say on design. He has started operating the sewing machine (under my very watchful eye) which is very exciting. It’s a power tool you know. Making window art from the waxed paper i use to make the Steiner window stars with was Jed’s idea. He will often craft on his own while i work. I look up half an hour later to see what hes up to and will be amazed. Kids art is so fresh and real. I love it. The paper is translucent and vibrantly coloured so when you hang it in the window it comes alive. This project could be done by all ages. Jed did his own cutting but you could precut pieces for the very-smalls. The best ideas are often my son’s. His concentration is incredible. I practice the art of putting the lid on my (boring in comparison) vision of how something should look.

Can you give us some tips on how you juggle being a mama and working from home (or finding time to be creative at home)?
Ai yi yi. That is quite the question isn’t it?! I am trying to build a business from home and ask Jed to do his own work for quite large chunks of the day sometimes. Mostly this works. I make sure we have some good adventure time and connecting time together to balance my work time. I think it’s good he can do his own thing. I love it when we are both absorbed in our own play/work and yet in the same space. Deep breathing is essential. Uh, what else? Oh, a good sense of humour and a grasp of the art of knowing when to throw in the towel and play rough and tumble for half an hour comes in handy too!
As for finding time to be creative, i always have more ideas than i find time to manifest. I think various other Creative Mama’s pretty much summed it up for me: I don’t watch TV (i can’t see how i would fit that into my busy life, i haven’t watched it in years really), I stay up way too late (ahh, the peace when all is quiet....bliss!), i drink coffee, and i will sneak off to a do a bit of sewing rather than scrub the bathroom floor. Making stuff is so much a part of my life that it is integrated as much as cooking is. For me, happiness and a balanced life comes before cleaning. You will find my house pretty organised though. I can’t think in chaos.

So, there you have it, the last instalment of The Creative Mama Series. It's been fun. I have enjoyed reading about the other mama's - how they manage the question of how to juggle mama'hood and craftiness.

To finish i have a last giveaway. A GrowMama giveaway: I offer one item of your choice from my newly stocked Felt store. Click HERE to have a wander around. I am stocking more items every week. Leave a comment to enter the giveaway. Tell me what you'd like to win and who it would be for. The youngest member of the household will choose the winner from the magic hat at the end of the week. I am happy to ship internationally. Good luck!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


‘Mama’ is in hot demand. Other alter ego’s are hungry, are desperate for a pee, have sewing to do, are aching to dance, have a shop to re-stock and bills to pay, but, Mama is there. At the ready with a shoulder to lean on, a warm cup of honey tea and a story.
The wee fella is sick. Miserable sick. Outta nowhere. One minute all bounce and vigor with his cousin. Next minute wanted to go home. Anything that lays this boy out for this much sleeping in a day has me a little unsettled. Those of you who have been around awhile will know his aversion to sleep. Severe case of FOMO if you ask me. Anyway. I digress.

He fell asleep on me on the couch earlier today. I realised that he was truly sick then. Sitting there with 22.5 kg’s of four year old in my arms i remembered all the times when he was a baby, sitting there in that exact same place. I had a few minutes of internal strife. The deadline. The emails needing to be written, the lists of things to do. Meh, i decided, they would still be there whenever i got up from the couch. Instead, i sat. I held the warmth of that little person i grew those four years ago and i thought.
I thought about all the journey from then, until now. The growing into being a mama for me, the rocketing into little boy-hood for him. All the magic, the laughter and tussles in between. Wow.
How special it is to have the stillness and quiet and time to sit and think. To reflect. To wonder.

Now, if this continues much longer i may have moments of not being quite so graceful. But that's okay. I will keep reminding myself of the preciousness of simply being there. (And keep my radar up for what moments there are to snatch for me.)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


From blue skies and berries to... skies and SNOW! We were lucky to catch the last of the decent snow before the weather packed in.
Some of us very much looked the part. I was very pleased with this merino hoody top i made Jed. More about that in another post.

I love the mountains (i have often lived on or near them in my life) but I can never get my head around paying all the money for gear and a ski pass, only to wait in queues just to come down again. I don't think i can get away with keeping the small one on a sled next year though. He has his eyes on the big mountain. I have a year to get my head around being back on ski's or a board. We're talking 15 years ago at Verbier, or even earlier at Whistler when i lived in Canada. Sigh, my bottom aches at the memory.

A whirlwind of friends, granny and granpa, aunties and cousins and animal pals galore...

...and many many miles of roadtrip. Which, given there was a small person on board, was very pleasant.

My suggestions for travelling with small ones...
- pack a good lunch so you can all have decent travelling food.

- pack lots of snacks - include some you don't usually have...the novelty is a good distraction

- bring new stories and music on CD...libraries are a fantastic free source. Some recommendations: Enid Blyton's Enchanted Wood and the Faraway Tree, anything BBC produces, Roald Dahl (the complete collection will get you all the way down to Invercargill and back!)

-view finders with new reels are priceless.

-there are a bunch of games designed for travel: we picked up a Usborne 100 things for children to do while travelling card set. Each card has two sides of activities and came with a pen. The pen marks wipe off (novelty in itself)...this was sheer brilliance and will fuel many journeys to come. $15 well spent!

-pack a basket with pencil case, new notebooks for each child, pictures from magazines cut out with a new glue stick each. Include books and magazines and other activities that can be done in the car. Place the basket where the kids have easy access to it.

- don't forget to bring any special friends, pillows or blankies.

Some last words:

-limit the sugar and things with additives, you don't want your small people jittery in the constraints of the car!

- the more yummy things you bring with you the less the temptation to buy junk from service stations enroute

- be aware of the attitude you bring to the trip...think 'adventure' rather than trial by fire.

- we have a saying 'it takes the time it takes' - if you stress about having to make good time, you risk losing the magic moments enroute. Stop and play when you need to. It means everyone arrives refreshed. I, er, learnt the hard way on that one!

Look out for the last Creative Mama Series post this coming weekend: i am doing a giveaway of GrowMama treats to say thank you for sharing the ride with me.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I am reminded again and again of the magic of a simple life, a life with space in it for creative juices to bubble up and entertain us with no more than a gnome, some dried grass, flower petals, moss and leaves. I began this nest project with Jed and his dear wee friend Ava Bean. Kicking around in the garden waiting for lunch, we wove the dried grasses into a nesty sort of a shape and talked about what else might be nice for inside a nest. A gnome was produced (and no, it wasn't at my house, but okay the gnome might have immigrated from there) and the children went off into the garden coming back with their additions to the nest lining. Loveliness.

So, it turned out i have horribly underestimated what i could get done this week. That's okay, there are weeks (months?!) like that. There has been alot of just hanging with friends in the sun.(I feel like i need to put this sentence into context...this working from home mama doesn't do 'hanging out' that very much usually) Jed and his friends have been swimming every chance they could. Very spring like behaviour!

And you know, the lists of things i want to do will still be there next week. We're off to frolic with friends, family and find a bit of snow up the mountain. See you mid week for the last Creative Mama Series post.

I'm leaving the giveaway for Simonne's Giveaway for her Creative Mama post- the Lets Go Retro voucher- open until then. Click HERE to go to her post. We posted the giveaway after the actual blog post went up and i think the Auckland local crew missed it...rark it up people and we'll draw it next week. Have a great weekend, i plan to!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

little bit of green goes a long way

The small one found two pieces of beautiful green knit fabric at our favourite church op shop a few weeks ago. I think they may have been cut out of a t-shirt. The colour was very him. Green is still the hot favourite.I had been wanting to make a simple doll for ages. I was inspired too by Sam's beautiful dollmaking.
Now, guess who the first doll had to go to?
I think of it as a tax for working from home.She's perched a bit awkwardly but you get the idea. It is a 'her' apparently, and her name is Leaf. Leaf's hat will forever be half slipping down and her face is a little lopsided but she is much loved. (Poor kid thinks he is lucky getting the first one made, but in reality he gets all the prototypes.)

A close companion of rainbow gnome, Leaf's main function is cuddles at night. Sweet.

Looking forward to making more is amazing how each one suddenly springs to life with its own personality. The rest of the green fabric turned into another doll, and in light of the current craze on leaves...when the small one ripped the knees out of his stripy organic leggings...i mended the rips and cut out patches in the shape of leaves to handsew on. Small one likes them, and it prolongs the life of the leggings. There's a few knees of trousers getting a hard time lately, i am thinking about just patching them all. I have done a few patches in thick fleece. (Green of course.)It works nicely. The thickness of the fabric has saved Jed's knees from scrapes after tumbles from the bike or treeclimbing incidents.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Creative Mama Series - Simonne

I am honoured to be hosting a score of super talented crafty mamas sharing their wisdom, crafting and snapshots of their beautiful lives. This is ‘The Creative Mama series’. Join me every weekend for a wander in these ladies crafty shoes. Guest posts, stunning photography, inspiration, interviews, poetry and giveaways...all coming up. Magic aside it can be hard work this mama business, put your feet up a minute and join us. Hopefully there is always something here to give your day a lift.Name: Simonne Le Masurier
Mother of Molly (20, at Uni in Wellington) and Kieran (8).
Live with partner Pete and our son Kieran and Pete's daughter Rosie (sometimes).
We live on a beautiful property beside the stream which runs out of Lake Wainamu in the Bethells Valley. Although our house is very rundown (always work in progress), our situation is stunning and l get immense satisfaction from the garden and the birdlife and the stars at night and the sound of the waves in the distance and the proximity of the wild West Coast and the incredibly supportive and fun community we have in the Valley. It is a magical place to raise children both physically and emotionally.
I am the owner of Let's Go Retro, the vintage store in Swanson, West Auckland, NZ. My shop, to me, is a wonderful, peaceful haven filled to the brim with beautiful treasures from our past.
My craft is finding and restoring vintage wares. It is not something l was taught but rather a love l was born with and a wide range of skills and knowledge have come along the way just by being open to learning. If you're passionate about your vocation the gaining of knowledge is a pleasure. I count myself lucky to know that in my business l'll never know everything!
History - As a child l would love to sort through Gran's cupboards hearing the history of the various contents and Grandad's pigeonhole desk with its old stamps and log books and receipts for everything he'd ever bought was a constant source of wonder. Then as a teenager l was first off the block with the inorganic rubbish collections. I still have a tin chest and lined hat box found in a treasure filled pile. It's amazing what you can balance on the rack of your pushbike when there is a strong will involved.
There followed many years, off and on, where l would sell my wares at markets. Finally, the leap into the void of owning a shop was made three years ago when my son started school and l was faced with the prospect of getting a real job. And there began another steep learning curve!

My children have both picked up an appreciation of vintage wares and my eight year old can spot a Crown Lynn swan from a hundred paces! Molly always helps in the shop during Uni breaks and has manned market stalls with me for years. She's also a keen op shopper! I love that they both value what l do and have an appreciation of the quality and style of old things.
It is fabulous for a child to learn the basic economics and green/recycling virtues of buying secondhand.
I've racked my brains to think of any helpful hints regarding juggling family/business demands but perhaps l'm just not the right person to ask. l still go into a panic if Kieran wakes up ill because Pete will have left for work already, his mother doesn't turn her hearing aid on until 9am, my mother lives in Melbourne and you cannot offload a sick child to stay at home friends as you'll just infect their children. I think there's a job opportunity there for someone - providing a quiet, friendly restful haven for sick children.
And then there's the guilt...
It's a nightmare sometimes but somehow it all works out in the end and neither of my children seem to be emotionally damaged in any way. I think l am but they seem OK!
I should also mention that Pete and l work in together well so the childcare duties are not wholly my responsibility. That makes all the difference!

Check out the Lets Go Retro website HERE. Or better yet, for those in Auckland, or visiting, go visit the store in Swanson...for those who love vintage and retro it is pretty close to paradise.

SIMONNE'S a $25 voucher to spend at Lets Go Retro! Wow...too bad i can't enter aye?! Leave a comment to be in to win. All entries go into the magic hat and the winner drawn by the smallest member of the household. Good luck!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

double take

Someone asked me why i bothered to spend time op-shopping the other day.
Here is where it began...I first got into thrift shopping when i was 12. We didn't have much money, and i wanted to express myself more through my clothing. I stumbled into one of our local church opportunity shops and came out with a shirt i loved...for 10 cents. There was no turning back. Its a pretty fundamental part of my life.

My take on thrift shopping:
= I think there is enough stuff in the world, i don't want to contribute to that by buying more new stuff...not when i can source it secondhand. Okay, underwear i buy. (i know someone would email and ask me that one!). I do want to try making some though. Yup, really.

= I really don't get paying hundreds of dollars for any item of clothing. I don't have that many hundreds of dollars for clothes to begin with, but still...

= i like the unique aspect of buying second hand. It's perhaps a little different, or vintage.

= everything comes with it's own story, my imagination likes that.

= it's kinder to my skin as well as my pocket...i wrote a piece about organic clothing for Organic NZ magazine awhile back and the chemical residue in new non-organic clothing blew my mind. Cotton mainly. Not good for the earth, oh no. Or me...if i buy secondhand the yuckies have mainly leached out. I am not a purist but this is a bonus.

= If i am walking past an op shop i usually pop in and do a quick scout. I am always on the lookout for good fabric (it is so expensive new and i use vintage prints for my GrowMama babies and kids range of clothing), craft supplies, books and clothing to upcycle. My eye is pretty finely honed after all these years. I can speed rummage an op-shop and be out smiling in ten minutes easy.

= Thrift shopping has furnished homes and whole wardrobes for me. It has me feel like anything is possible, even if i have only a handful of dollars in my pocket.

= i like the whole underground economy, LETS systems, thrift stores, free stores, garage sales...

= i like the interactions i have with the people that shop in the same places i opens my world to a broader one, a friendly one at that.

= I like that the money i pay goes (mostly) to charities doing good work. That's a good feeling.

= Oh yes, then there is the thrill of finding quality labelled clothing for a teeny tiny fraction of the original cost...i do find that perversely satisfying.
I have a thing for knitwear. A few days ago i came home with this top. I had ripped off the Salvation Army $5 tag when we'd gotten home. This morning i took a closer look at it. To find it was brand new with original tags ... for $238. I did a doubletake. I had quibbled internally over paying $5. Eek.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

in sherwood forest

I innocently read Robin Hood to the small boy the other morning. That was it. His imagination was seized, big time. Do any of you remember the pixie costumes i made last year? You can see the post HERE. The pixie tunic came out of the dress up drawer, a forest green long sleeved shirt was unearthed and the hunt was on for a hood. I pulled out this medieval looking jerkin i had found at an op shop and he was looking very robin hoody. When i said we could make a bow and arrow those eyes lit up. That was all i heard all the rainy day, until we made a break for the garden to ask a tree for some green wood.

He was a natural.
The next day: 5.30am. (His natural waking time, shocking i know, oh believe me i know)

..."Mama, what is the name of where Robin keeps his arrows?"

And so the morning saw the making of a quiver. And a belt and a pouch. All gleaned from illustrations in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th readings of the Robin Hood book. This picture is him waiting for his happy Robin.
Guy of Gisborne was pursued relentlessly, a dragon or two got dragged into the story, many rich were robbed to give to the poor (i qualify), Mama was christened 'Mrs Robin Hood' and somewhere along the line, Stephen Fry joined the merry men.

Library, the store, post office...all greeted him with a rousing 'Hi Robin Hood' and he was so very pleased.

I have never seen him quite so taken with a story. Dress up's are popular but usually have to be taken off the second he is no longer in character. Not Robin. He has been with us for four days.
And counting. Isn't it funny how something just takes them on a fabulous journey?

Oh, the adventures.

On another more Mama flavoured note...Extracurricular magazine's blog has a post on me/GrowMama today. With some outtake photos from the shoot that the lovely and uber talented Rosa Mae did here. Take a look HERE. Thank you Ellie.

And don't forget to enter Joanne's Imp'ish giveaway, last days people! Go HERE to read Joanne's Creative Mama post and leave a comment to be in the running to win.