Sunday, January 29, 2012

the corn that Jed grew

Most years i have a hard time supplying corn with enough water to grow well. Not this year, it's been a particularly soggy (and chilly) summer so far. This has it's advantages. The sweetcorn Jed planted has been a stonker of a crop. There really is nothing like sweetcorn freshly picked and eaten. So good. And Jed is very proud.

Other advantages to a less than brilliant summer: less concern about sunburn, less concern about watering, i haven't worn out any swimming gear yet, and weren't not gasping in the shade from 11am-3pm. Silver linings are good.

The year with all it's schedules, classes, work deadlines, apppointments and markets hasn't quite kicked into action yet aand i am loving the timelessness feel to the slow days unfolding in our own rhythyms.


  1. I know all about the struggles growing corn, and how many buckets of water have to be carried - but what a nice bonus from this wet summer. I'm sure it tastes delicious.