Monday, January 9, 2012

cotton eye candy

My cottons went from this... this.

This snazzy cotton reel holder was my gift from the little fellow. I had been meaning to bang a bunch of nails into a slice of wood (er, that terminology indicates my woodworking experience) in order to tame my unruly basket of cottons for oh, years.

I guess he got tired of hearing me talk about it.

However it came about, i am much pleased.

No more rummaging about getting all in a tangle for me!

Funny, in this de-cluttering lark (yup, i am still going), it's the simple changes that are so life changing. I'm kinda de-cluttering my internal head space as i go. That's life changing too.

More about that another time.

Now, er, the embroidery threads...hmmm.

When they get back from holiday, Woodwise on has a lovely range of simple rectangular cotton reel holders that fit neatly into drawers...HERE.


  1. Aren't those colours scrumptious? I had a cotton-reel holder like that once. And I have a sewing basket full of embroidery threads which creep out and intertwine at night when I'm not looking. How delightful that your wee man could come up with this present.

    1. my fertile imagination is loving that iamge of the threads schmoozing at night! Yes, he is a thoughtful soul. x

  2. What a lovely gift from your wee man, you will treasure that forever! I use wooden clothes pegs ( the ones you make dolls from) for my embroidery threads and they work a treat -also good for ribbons. You wind the thread/ribbon on them, toss them in a basket and they don't get tangled up.

  3. oooh Annie, what a good tip...wooden clothes pegs - perfect! I keep an eye out for some. Thanks for that. x