Wednesday, January 11, 2012


i LOVE to dance. And sadly, many people close to me in this current chapter of my life (oh, there have been many)...mostly don't know this about me.

Jed knows this. We cut loose this small boy and i. Oh yes.

One of the things scrawled large and loud in my 'Vision 2012 - Ideas Log' book to dance more. 5 Rythyms? Saturday nights in some murky steamy night club? (prob not) ...more spontaneous cutting loose sessions wherever i happen to be? Hmmm, oh yes!

So, in this spirit i am sending you over to the Vanette blog to experience the song that is anthem of this coming year to me. Florence and the Machine, i do adore thee. Hop along over to see the divine 'Spectrum'...HERE. We are shining, indeed.


  1. I went to a party on Saturday night out towards yours with a friend, at my dream house in the bush and danced...a lot. I think you would have loved it too.