Wednesday, January 4, 2012

holiday. hijacked

So, the car was all packed up with the camping gear and adventure was on our minds. Then the little guy fell hard with a sickness. Christmas night through the next three days was a bit of a blur of high fevers, ice water bottles, thermometers..i am sure those of you mama's out there know the deal. Then there was the rain. Alot of it. For days and days.
I am just grateful we weren't in our tent with a sick guy in the torrential rain.
What we did do, was stay put, in Jed's second favourite place in the world. His godfather and family's lifestyle farm and horse HQ in the Taranaki.

Free range chickens, pet sheep, horses, baby rabbits, dog, birds, paddocks and bush... all that space to run and just well, occupy as only small folks can. Heaven for the small one. With all the animals to care for it's not often these folks get away so it was a good feeling to house sit for a few days too.

And of course, the chickens lay their eggs in all manner of places which means alot of fun for small people to find them every day.

There was alot of quiet (he is a gentle one with animals, such a blessing) stalking of the friendlier chickens .....
...rewarded with som happy chicken cuddles.

And now, Home. Not having had the rest or break i had wanted, or needed. Finding my peace with that and happy to be here. Hullo, hello! It's good to be back at the GrowMama frontlines again. Watching my homeboy unfurl into his homespace...'i love my home mama' and landing by de-cluttering, filling a few GrowMama orders while my nights are spent visioning the year to come.

My mind is awhir with the new years plans out world.


  1. Just found your blog, great photos. My holiday was totally hijacked as well! Not just the rain, but some other horrible stuff as well. Glad to be home now and like you hatching new plans for the New Year. Hope you have a good one! xxx

  2. The farm sounds like such a lovely place to stay. Beautiful photo of your son holding a chicken :) My new year began with 3 vomits and taking my daughter to the hospital at 2AM. What a beginning ... yet very positive that this year is going to be a great one :)
    Wishing you and your family a happy new year!

  3. ai yi yi...2am at the hospital...poor you and your daughter. I hope she is better. Eek. Despite it's unauspicious beginnings i too, think i am in for a great year. Bring it on i say...happy new year!

  4. Sorry to hear you were sick over the holidays. The farm looks amazing though!

  5. I'm pleased it worked out in the end. Imagine tenting in the rain! Hope you are all well now and Happy New Year! Jxxx

  6. i know! with a sick kid...eek..i shudder when i think of it..we were so lucky. Happy New Year to you all x

  7. Hello!
    I live in Los Angeles and have somehow ended up with a copy of your "Plant Medicine: a Herbal Handbook" from a friend. I am about to teach a class about plants at UCLA and would love for the students to have copies of your book! Is there any way to place an international order? OR perhaps if I make copies for them we can send you something as trade? Thanks!


  8. hi sarah, i appreciate you asking, of course you can use the handbooks. i am emailing you now. look forward to hearing about your class.

    Plants as Medicine: a Herbal Handbook will be available via the GrowMama blog soon - all part of the new revised 2012 growMama blog plans folks!