Friday, January 6, 2012


Landing. Thats what i call the process of coming home after being away.
Thats what we're doing at the moment. Landing: a process of re-discovering home.
It involves:
1) eating wild greens straight from the garden. It's been so cloudy and generally unsummery that i still have a good crop of chickweed under the sweetcorn. Yum. And nutritionally a super food. Extra yum. 2) Liberating the vege and herb gardens from caterpillars and weeds. Think, green jungle with strawberries like rubies inside. More yum.

3) de-cluttering. I know, it's like the new year's buzzword. Feels good though. Especially for a opshopping queen like myself. living in teeny house. Yep. De-cluttering and re-organising. Getting sidetracked with delicious memories as i go. Happy sigh. Goodness mine has been a full life.

4) the remembering of favourite activities. experiments. mixing. Here he was combining different things in water to see how they changed and how fast and whether stirring it helped any. (It does). Salt. Paint powder. Flour. Hundreds and thousands. Soap flakes. sugar. glitter. Oil. Makes a fascinating sort of sparkly jelly-like swamp in the end. Most satisfying.

5) more remembering of favourite things to do: dressing up. meet jed the spaceman. I just love the helmet he came up with, nicely accessorised with the ski goggles, er, i mean space goggles.

For those feeling up for it landing also involved: 6) swimming and cavorting in waves, 7) eating outside in the SUN (yeah people, it shone, it shone!), 8) re-connecting with friends, 9) a long walk along the beach and 10) scribbling madly in a new notebook grandly labelled 'Vision 2012 - Ideas Log'. (Okay, this last one was just me). I LOVE this time of year. Despite 2012's inauspicious beginning's, everything is possible. What are y'all dreaming up?

Also, also, also...check out Kate from Foxs Lane's top ten tips for settling back home HERE. I just 'found' Kate's blog last night and i am rather smitten. (Don't ask how i got there, it was late at night and i can't for the life of me remember. Grateful for gettin' there though. Go see.)

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