Tuesday, January 31, 2012

minding our beeswax

You might know by now that i like to keep a little stash of projects in the cupboard to pull out in times of rainy days -or just stay at home days.
This is one i'd been looking forward to.
The hot steamy weather was perfect for working with beeswax. The house was sweet with the smell of it and the wax easily workable with hot little hands.
These candles were so easy to make. So satisfying.
I like Jed to know he can pretty much make/grow anything. Our ancestors used to. Well, not so sure about i-pods etc these days, but i'm talking the necessities of life ya know?

It took very little input from me. I can sit back more and more these days.

Beautiful.Proud hands.

The candle making kit was from Dani - her work and catalogue can be found HERE.


  1. Mmm I think beeswax might be one of the most perfect craft materials. Smells good, useful, fun and beautiful. Ticks all the boxes! And Jed made a pretty fantastic looking candle!

    1. i'm with you there...its pretty much heavenly and in this heat (now that we have it!)...the smell wafts through the house. Lovely!

  2. Yummy. I can smell that delicious beeswax aroma wafting out of my computer. I must tuck that one away as a good thing to do when my granddaughter gets a little older.

    1. juliet, there is lovely natural coloured beeswax for modelling too...the little shop at the steiner school has it. It doesnt have the magical smell but is wonderful to work with too. x