Saturday, January 14, 2012

out on the town

Look what i had in my hot little hands!
Tickets to Fleet Foxes. I would'nt have bought them myself, so thank you Ra.
A rare night out. It was strange to be in the central city walking the streets on a Saturday night with all the noise, uber-young folks whooping it up (did i ever dress that scantily?! Actually, don't answer that) and side stepping the odd vomit on the sidewalk. Good. You know, in an inner-city sort of a way.
A far cry from the moreporks, clear nightskies and fresh air of home.

I love these guys...they shuffle onto stage in shadow looking like a bunch of shifty lumberjacks and proceed to sing like angels together. Incredible. And instrumentally SUCH a big sound.
I like their 'no flash''s all about the music, the connection between each other and the audience and pushing a few edges. The word 'integrity' comes to mind.

HERE's my favourite youtube clip of the Fleet Foxes. in Paris. Acoustic. And mighty fine.

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