Monday, January 23, 2012

thrifty acquisitions

So, a more intense week than usual had some interesting results. Namely a bad case of entrenched irritability in the mama. An escape was called for. And enroute, of course, i found time for a little rummaging in our local op shops. Vintage fabric is sadly and incredibly hard to source in Auckland town at the moment but, some other loveliness turned up.

I have this artwork up above my work table. It's made of layers of soft paper, cut or ripped to make up the picture. Incredible. I've been wanting to try something like this with fabric. 50 cents and it's giving me so much pleasure. I'd love to know who made it and what the story is behind it. (Imagination going overtime on that one!)

A peek of the haul. Or some of it.

Simple things like drinking water out of a beautiful vintage glass make me happy. These beauties were $1 each.

I finally found some cereal bowls - and they happen to be a lovely Crown Lynn.

And, my last errand of the day was to pick up some bunting and baby shoes i was pulling from Lets Go Retro (they are still stocking GrowMama vintage headbands) - the retro and vintage store on West Auckland's Swanson Road. I asked Simonne if she had any thunderbirds gear in any of her stash in the back. She disappeared into the bathroom, there were a few thumps and a bit of dust flying and she emerged with an old Tracey Island for Jed. We spent a bit of the afternoon cleaning it up and oh goodness, each of his Thunderbirds rescue craft fit in their launch pads and sheds and oh goodness, the hours of joy that little fellow has with it.

Thank you have made one little boy very very happy - and this mama is getting alot done while international rescue is working hard.

Hoorah for beautiful people and acts of generosity.

I live like that and it is so nice to be on the receiving end. Sigh...happy happy sigh.

Oh, and. AND...the sun is shining. Yup!


  1. great finds, the Tracey Island is always a fave when the boys visit Kahi and Sol. The bottom crown lynn plate is my favourite crown lynn pattern. Thanks for the little award, just sorting out my post for it now and also wanted to say we would still love to come out and visit one Saturday

  2. hi lovely...there is something archetypal about thunderbirds...they just gravitate toward it even knowing nothing about it. we going to do a screening one night...looks like jed's mates and dads are keen too. Looking forward to seeing you out here one day soon. big summer love to all the whanau x