Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a tired day

All plans and scripts went out the window. It was a tired day. We made playdough, we baked, we ate, we headed down for a swim, mama worked a little, we mooched, we checked out the Nationals surf championships...we mooched some more. Just. tired. and oh so serious.

We managed to fit in a little 'driving' of the surf lifesaver's buggy - the big favourite.

Sand between the toes.

And even the sun came out.

If you're a mama you might know those days? When you're not sure if it's the late night, the unsettled sleep, they're coming down with some lergy or fighting it off, or just plain having an off balance day (or in simplicity parenting speak - a soul fever).

Today's solution: letting go of any big plans and following the small one's lead, rest, connection, water, gentle play, good nourishing food, lots of loving and a bit of think of what may have thrown the small one off balance. Hmm.

Oh, and cupcakes!