Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CD cases...vintage style (of course)

Oh my. I hit the 'upgrade to new blogger thingummy' button yesterday and it's a bit rocky going as i learn my way around. Bear with me. And block your ears, there's been a few less than savoury words flying 'round. Ahem.
Anyway, where was i? Oh yes, this here is my latest design. Hot off the sewing machine for your perusing pleasure.
Like most of my designing, it was born of necessity. A lovely trader on trademe (NZ's equivalent of ebay) had sent the entire collection of thunderbirds DVD's along with a little purchase i had made. (er, lets save the whole screentime in our household rant for another post hey?)
I wanted them to look nice when the small unwrapped his thunderbirds package for Solstice/Christmas so i sat down to design him a case to put all eight DVD's in.

I really like how Jed's one turned out.
Everyone and their dog has commented on the case, loving it, so i set to work making up a few more.
Great for popping in your bag on car trips, to protect your discs and they're easier to get out while your driving. They make a lovely gift.
Ours are in high rotation here in the GrowMama household.
I just listed on in the GrowMama felt store HERE. Now, if someone'll just pay me to design cool stuff, or write tutorials to make them...i'll be set! On the look out for more paid work based from out world. (And any suggestions gladly welcome).


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    1. thanks suzanne, i am having great fun matcing fabrics and coming up with more. x