Thursday, February 9, 2012

the importance of play

 Picture a little head popped up out of this wave, determinedly riding it in to shore. Yup. (And, not to worry, we know these are dangerous waters...we always swim between the flags and mama is always backstop).

People smile when they see the small one in the waves. His face is all lit up. He is pure life in the water.
 And after a swim, a little surf lifesaving. Those mama-made surf lifeguard shorts are several years in the wearing now. They definitely win the 'best loved mama made item of clothing' award.
 We were metres away from a pretty nasty surf accident yesterday. Jed wanted to go home after that. He didn't want to talk. I didnt push him, i told him i wanted to support him however i could and was here when he wanted to ask any questions. He played surf lifesaving rescue scenario's over and over last night and from first thing this morning.
I am reminded of how kidlets process trauma, or make sense of the world...they play. That's their work. They re-enact, they explore, they nut it out however they can in their play. It's pretty awesome to witness.
We were back at the beach today, same spot where the accident happened and Jed was ready to talk. He talked and talked and was asking about the guy who was hurt, whether his legs were working again yet. It being a pretty small community out here, we found out he's okay. The surf lifesavers were amazing...they are only young fella's but sheesh, those dudes are well trained and do such a fantastic job.
Swim between those flags folks!


  1. It must have been relly full-on event for your boy. Love that you are so patient and let him take time to deal with it in his own way first :) I agree, it is awesome to witness how children do that in their play! I posted about how my 3y.o.'s play yesterday too. Have a nice week end :)

  2. Little boys are amazing little creatures. My four year old guy is also extremely sensetive to situations where help is needed. In fact, he is usually convinced that rescue teams are waiting for him to pitch in and gets really upset when we hold him back! Same as you, we see or overhear the replay of fire/ambulance/police officers he's heard in action.

    Oh, and GREAT surf shorts!