Tuesday, February 7, 2012

kereru carousing

 For those of you not familiar with New Zealand native birds...this one is like a bus in flight. You can hear them flying from ages off. They are big and used to be much prized in the pot. Hence their old name, 'mutton bird'.
 It's a kereru. Or Kukupa in Te Reo Maori. The New Zealand Wood Pigeon.
 We see and hear them alot here on the edge of the bush. The whole area here is a national park.
But this time of the year you can get up close. They are drunk. Yup. Loudly and Unashamedly plastered on fermented kawakawa and cabbage tree berries.
I was waving my camera in this one's face, just above our deck and i am not sure it even registered i was there. Bit of a worry really. I hope the cats are still busy keeping the rat population down. Life in the bush aye...always something to do.


  1. What a big fat kereru, and what a thrill to have it come so close and to be feeding so happily.

    1. hoorah, there is now a reply function to comments in the new blogger...makes things much easier!
      we felt very honoured juliet...but it is worrying...one flew into our front door it was so, er, inebriated on kawa kawa juice, i hope it was ok!