Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Remembering to be

 I am in familiar territory. Busyness. I have been striving for simplicity, sure, but sometimes it just isn't possible. Or life conspires otherwise. And I just make do. Take some deep breaths along the way. And find rest where I can. The pace is slowing a bit and for that i am grateful. I have a small one who really doesn't do well with a crowded busy life, beautiful or not. And I was starting to feel overwhelmed with the lists of things to do whirling in my mind but not actually getting to tick anything off. Now i am getting a grip on things: orders to make up, deliveries to get out, pitching for more writing work, planning the years workshops.
I could keep going, plans are exciting no? I'm still on that New Year vibe...but instead i'll wind down for a rare early night and share a trick with you. Once a day i try to let it all go. Whether that be lounging on the deck with my boy, running a deep bath, lighting a candle in my room, sewing something fun or just sitting and remembering to breathe. Or, going down to the beach or stream and leaving all the worries about houses, money, fertility struggles, learning journeys for small people and the logistics of juggling all that we mama's do...yup, leaving all that behind.

...and go with the flow instead.
 Letting my mind relax and let the tumbling thoughts go into the water, let the wind smooth the furrows in the brow and just make, be, play.
 I have the best of guides in this journey or remembering how to be mindful.
An expert in the field of 'Be Here Now'.
It's so good what we have. I am truly blessed.

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  1. love the last photo, we have had a crazy busy last month and we're hoping to do some of that letting go and not much of anything this weekend