Wednesday, February 22, 2012

science at home

 Jed has always loved 'mixing'. Setting him up with a bowl of dried peas and a wooden spoon when he was very wee has evolved into many mixes over the years. Some pretty disgusting, some pretty edible, some left to steep and stagnate so we could observe what happens when things go off.
 Our 'Lets Explore Science' book set, bought at the local thrift store, remains popular. Today Jed observed what happens when he mixed different things in water. One mason jar had warm water in it, one was plain tap water. First he added ice cubes to each jar. He observed the different rates of melting. Then he put in black tea bag once the ice had melted. The jar with the warm water in it diffused the tea into the water at a much higher rate than the cold water jar.
He then chopped off some chunks of butter and threw those in.
It's kinda like advanced gloop play. Experiments got a lot more complicated after this...notes were taken, a speech was given about the different findings and plans were made for future scientific exploration.
Sometimes Mama is around for these science extravaganza's, other times i set him up and go work and come back for a report of his findings. Either way, its alot of fun.
 Doesn't he have the best workspace?


  1. Wonderful! Looks like a great wee book you have there. Lots of ideas for the future scientist. Jxx

  2. What a neat thing to do - thanks for the idea. My 3.5 yr old loves mixing too so might be good to be a bit more directed although I quite enjoy him mixing flour, water & spices up to make 'cakes' too!