Wednesday, February 15, 2012

waiheke wedding

 I am wired. I am sitting here twitching, drinking my herbal tea. Dosing myself into calm. Do you ever get wired after a super busy time? It's a beautifully crowded life sometimes. A high class problem i know, but still, a far cry from the simple life i strive for. It's been busy. I got alot of time to think yesterday -finally, waiting by the side of the road next to my sad gasping car, waiting for the tow truck. Gotta be careful what you ask for folks!
 Twitches aside, we are just back from a lovely weekend over on Waiheke Island - a ferry ride from Auckland city harbour. I had forgotten how nice it was over there. Slower, less cars, (more of them that look like mine!), and we got to witness a friends beautiful wedding set in the islands oldest vineyard and olive grove.
I was very proud of the little one, who chose his own outfit with great care, who didn't know many people, or what to expect and who made new friends and rode the entire six hour celebration like a pro.
 He realised, partway through the reception, that the surrounding olive trees held treasure: the abandoned skins of cicadas. It wasn't long before the ghostly cicada's came in their hundreds and all the other kids joined in too until every table had it's own army of cicadas.
 I hope the waitstaff weren't squeamish!
We squeezed in a swim too. Tired and all. And it struck me: how very lucky we are to live here with all this on our doorstep. I am grateful. And looking forward to a quiet day at home tomorrow. Hope your summer (or winter for those of you in that 'other' hemisphere) brings you the beautifully crowded fun bits and the balancing peaceful pottering at home times too. xx

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