Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the autumn garden

 I love a garden that can keep producing food even with severe neglect. Go permaculture i say.
Beans for dinner...
... with fresh pesto. Plus some to pop into the freezer to cheer a winter night with the taste of summer.
 General Slinky. He is just ever so slightly batty and obsessed with ratting. He is the reason the rats haven't eaten 1) all the birds eggs in our general environ (luckily he has no interest in birds snackwise) and 2) all the beans or corn this year. We get alot of rats even though we're in a national park. I once saw seven climbing a tree then wandering along a powerline leading into my roof. That was BS. Before Slinky.

Jed Isaac. Young knight at large. Shoo'er of shield bugs, expert harvester of rainbow chard (with sword) and grower of astoundingly good sweetcorn.

The sun is shining people. That is news around here. We're off to soak it up.

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  1. Yumm, your garden looks very productive. It's so satisfying to grow your own veges isn't it?