Thursday, March 22, 2012

cards to go

 A couple of years ago i picked up a few boxes of cardstock on sale. All different colours with envelopes and ready to be embellished and made into cards. Previously i had insisted on doing the whole card from scratch and preferably from cereal boxes or somesuch upcyclable card. I have to say i like the more finished look the cardstock gives our creations.
 There is a bit of a perpetual clean out going on around here it seems. Life in a small house being the reason.
In my ruthless sorting out the other day i came across an old book. A book as old as i am. It was inscribed 'To Anissa, my first friend, love Jessica'. (I think that'll be Jessica Setnick, last seen in Texas. Hi!)
 Clearly, i couldn't simply throw it away. It was mottled with age (am i really that old!?) and taped in many many places with yellowed pages that refused to be restrained by their covers. It was no longer a book, nor could it be salvaged.
So, I cut out what pictures i could and pasted them onto our cardstock. I like to have cards ready to go.
Jed was attached to the cover. Very attached. At some point my mother had covered it in industrial strength see-through plastic so today it makes a pretty robust folder for my Sew Fun workshop posters.
And one was delivered to Aunty Chelle for her birthday. Happy Birthday sisterone!


  1. Making cards - what fun. Jed is so lucky growing up in such a creative atmosphere.

  2. Anissa, It's Jessica Setnick. Unbelievable! Hi back and would love to hear from you. Your first friend,

    1. Wow! Jessica, I am emailing you wonderful to hear from you. I can see from your email address that we have shared interests as grownups too! xx