Saturday, March 24, 2012

GrowMama at The Bread and Butter Letter

 Popped into The Bread and Butter Letter store to drop off some GrowMama vintage headbands. It doesn't look like the same store. It's version 2.0...the original venue after a makeover. Loveliness! You can visit in real time or in your own time - their online store rocks too.
 Everything is beautifully presented.
 I like that Sarah and Rose keep their items priced so that i could afford to shop there.
 A peek at GrowMama vintage headbands nestled in their wee drawer. Bad hair day? Headband it!
Notice the Extracurricular magazines there? Every shop worth it's salt stocks it y'know!
This is the face of a small boy dragged along to drop off mama's stock. Sigh. Look familiar mama's? Sigh. (And furtive eye roll)

And, while we are on a vintage roll...
...have you been along to twosquirrels vintage blog? Love the NZ vintage style she has going, adorable no? and the two squirrels etsy store is the best online nz vintage i've seen yet.


  1. It is a lovely shop indeed! We missed you at KB today : (

  2. we have a pic of the boys on the same couch, the shop is 5mins walk from our place, next time you are dropping off stock pop over for a cup of tea

    1. ah, do they look as disgusted as Jed?! Cool area to live. I have some picnic rolls to drop in there this week...will let you know. x