Saturday, March 10, 2012


 We have tried to keep plastic toys, actually plastic throughout the house, to a minimum. When Jed was a baby he was surrounded by mostly natural materials. His favourite kete contained seashells, smooth river stones, pine cones, driftwood, different textured fabrics and other such heady delights.
Sometimes though, there are things too special to ignore, just because they're made of plastic.
This is one. Klikko.
With the basic shapes of squares, triangles and hexagons plus two and three way connectors, so much is possible.
 A great way to build and learn about 3D...because of these nifty connectors the shapes can move...a hexagon...can fold inn half...
 ...turn into something three legged...
 and loosening one connector, can stack up.
 Hours of fun. (For mama as well as small people, ahem...who said it was all the kids anyway?!)
Then there are gears and handles for more engineering experiments. We built this boat, you can also build animals, space stations, ferris wheels, cranes...anything you can imagine, or find in the book or little DVD that comes with it. I found this set on trademe. Happy about it? Remember that little dance i do when excited (often, sadly, in charity shops)? Uh huh.


  1. I too have been avoiding plastic toys where possible maybe except LEGO DUPLO. But yes this kit looks wonderful with endless possibilities!!!

  2. hi erin, i really recommend it. i can see it being one of those things that gets played with in different ways for 10 years or so. Thats another thing i look for in toys. Sticks and cardboard boxes are pretty good too! x

  3. Ooh, I want one! (even though it's plastic, it looks well designed and not too easily broken)

  4. Another oen you might like to try Anissa is a product called "Makedo" - google it up and see what you think! Love, Hilary xx