Sunday, March 4, 2012

perfect timing

 I was super blessed to win a giveaway offered by the Enchanted chameleon. I got to choose which kind of bunting i wanted. Her doily bunting now graces my home beautifully. It was perfect timing...the parcel arriving right when i most needed it. You know...kinda down. I have a few special pieces of crafty art in my bedroom-studio and i love the reminders of the incredible mama's who created them. Somehow i don't feel quite so alone as a 'based at home mama' when i see them. You can check out Suzanne's blog, The Enchanted Chameleon, HERE. Her blog is one of the few i pop along to regularly, i love her honesty and her wee man is a similar age to my wee man.

Way back in December i offered a GrowMama giveaway on the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Week...the youngest member of the household drew the winner from my ten favourite comments from the magic hat. And then...the package sat there waiting a response from the comment i'd left the lucky winner. Then the crazy season happened, travelling happened and i finally finally posted the parcel. I was feeling a leetle bit, er, sheepish about how late it had gone out. we're talkin' months after the SewMamaSew folks said. Eek right?
Turns out it couldn't have arrived at a better moment. You can read Lucy of Secondhand Dinosaur's blog post about her parcel arriving HERE.
A good lesson in how these things have a way of working out, no?!